I was born and grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, an amazing country full of wonderful people and probably the best food in the world. ūüôā

Skeptical researcher. My passion this millennium is called¬†web-security and browser vulnerabilities. I love to poke into browsers and find security-bugs on¬†my free time (which¬†is never enough) because it’s just fun for me and of course, because I would like to help companies make a change.

Every day I jump out of bed, prepare breakfast for my wife and kids and get started with life. Working with computers has never been work for me but pure joy. How lucky. Thanks a lot, nature and randomness.

My goal with this blog is to share what I learn hopefully motivating other researchers to never give up and keep trying, playing. I owe everything I learned to the generous minds around the globe, who continuously publish their research in books, tutorials or just blogs. The security world is simply fascinating. Well, the world is fascinating.

1984-1993: TI-99, Commodore 64, Amiga 500, Amiga 1000: phreaking, cracking. Wonderful times.

1994-2000: No more phreaking (thanks Internet) but kept cracking dongles for fun and profit while I started playing with web technologies.

2001-2005: Tons of fun on the web with browser vulnerabilities.

2006-Present: found 536 vulnerabilities in web browsers (~519 were patched), 11 in browser plugins (all patched) and 61 in desktop applications.

I love to cooperate with people that never gives up.¬†If you tried really¬†hard to solve a particular hacking/security problem without success, tweet¬†me¬†and I’ll do my best to help you.


Have a nice day!